Karma of Summit
Karma Revero GT

A New Dawn Rising Looking for an electric car with the elegant features and comfort of a luxury vehicle? How about one with performance standards that stack up against the world’s best? If so, discover the Karma Revero GT. The brand’s most advanced luxury electric car to date, its designed with an emphasis on the […]

Karma GT by Pininfarina

Inspirational Spirit Cutting edge electric technology. Distinguished Italian design. The Karma GT by Pininfarina marries both to create a vehicle both stylish and revolutionary. With this car, there is no need to compromise engineering and performance for sleek style. A vehicle for those who want to surpass simple expectations. Convention does not restrict...

Karma Revero

Conspicuous Without All The Consumption Introducing a car that delivers the satisfying drive of a luxury vehicle with performance that exceeds expectations. The Karma Revero GT is the brand’s most capable electric vehicle to date, designed to deliver an exceptional driving experience. This vehicle rivals the technical specs of high-end vehicles while...

Karma Revero GTS

Performance Art Has Arrived Discover the surprising power of the Karma Revero GTS. With superior performance and distinctive elegance, the Reverto GTS pushes limits and sets new standards. Karma presents the future of luxury electric vehicles. Equipped with the latest technology, the Revero GTS builds upon the capabilities of its predecessors. The driving...

Karma Service in North Jersey

Karma sets a higher standard for luxury electric vehicles. At Karma Summit, we take pride in setting a high standard for ourselves as well. As New Jersey’s top brand experts, we know these cars better than anybody. Discover how Karma vehicles combine power and luxury. We will keep your car running smooth long after you […]